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Conserve Utility Systems provides an end-to-end service for both prepaid meters and prepayment power rails, including installation, management and recordkeeping functions. All of our options come with easy to read and language independent displays that make reloading or simply keeping track of your electricity usage easier than ever.

Prepaid Electricity Meters .

Our single phase, keypad prepayment meter is suitable for new installations or can be made to fit existing electromechanical or electronic watt-hours meters.

New meters can be installed inside the home, making it especially easy for tenants to enter credit tokens on the accompanying keypad. The user-friendly display is language independent and can display the last 50 vouchers entered (digits, date and time).

Clients also have the additional option of selecting the Conserve Utility Management solution which allows further management of the prepaid meter infrastructure.

Features include:

  • State of the art prepaid electricity meter with LCD display and keypad
  • Monthly/Daily/Hourly Data, usage reports are sent on a monthly basis.
  • Meter bypass/tamper detection
  • Program a power limit into the meter

Recharge tokens available at the locations/outlets

  • Online: Log in to prepaid24.co.za
  • Pick n Pay
  • Shoprite
  • Spar
  • Capitec
  • FNB
  • ABSA
  • Standard Bank
  • Nedbank
  • UniPin electricity voucher
  • Edcon Group (Edgars)
  • Shell
  • Sasol
  • BP

Keypad Prepayment
Power-Rail .

The Keypad Prepayment Power-Rail is a single-phase split meter in a DIN rail-mount housing.

Ideal for new reticulation where housing is informal, the meters are mounted in a pole-top enclosure with the respective customer interface units conveniently located in the dwellings below.

Three modes of operation are available:

  1. Energy Limiting Mode: This mode allows utilities to distribute a fixed, monthly allocation of energy to consumers. It encourages the rational use of energy without being a severe inconvenience
  2. Prepayment Mode: This makes the rail function as a normal prepaid meter. Credit tokens are purchased and entered into the meter via the customer interface unit keypad.
  3. Credit Mode: Power is continuously supplied to the consumer and total kWh’s used are measured and recorded. The meter is read at regular intervals and the consumer billed accordingly.

It is possible to switch between all three modes offered by the Power-Rail as and when required.

As with our prepaid options, the installation is accompanied by management services where we will collect the data for you according to your needs and send monthly usage reports.

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